Mobile Patrols

We provide well equipped mobile patrol units to make random patrols of clients premises, business, and residential throughout the night and weekends to ensure your premises are safe from intruder’s theft, vandalism or any criminal activity.

We will carry out foot or vehicle patrol of your premises checking your buildings, perimeter of land ensuring that there are no signs of foul play and act as a cost effective deterrent.

Protect your property with a 1st class service at very competitive rates.

Other services could include;

  • Mobile tagging system to provide reports of our site visits which could help reduce insurance premiums

  • Visible deterrent signs

  • Key Holing and alarm response services

  • Carry out checks for insecure windows, doors, signs of intrusion or vandalism

  • Call the emergency services or key holder

If we find any damage whilst onsite we can liaise with key holders, responsible persons and emergency service 24/7 365 days a year.

Should you be unfortunate enough to fall foul of damage to property such as smashed windows etc.

We can also arrange with our providers to repair all damages as required.

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