Sustainability is a strategic imperative for MSC and, above all, a business priority. Our strong core values and long-term view reflect our commitment to playing our part in creating a sustainable future.

As a family company, WSaS’s sustainability approach places people front and centre whilst respecting our planet. We believe that operating sustainably benefits our colleagues and crew, our customers and the communities in which we operate. We are ambitious and take pride in acting responsibly and delivering on our commitments, collaborating with our stakeholders in search of sustainable solutions to address global challenges.

Our Purpose
“We connect the world, fostering inclusive social prosperity and economic growth, whilst respecting and nurturing the home we all share – our blue planet.”

Our Sustainability Roadmap

WSaS has a unique approach to sustainability, which is firmly embedded across our business and reflected in all that we do. Aligned with the SDGs and the UN Global Compact’s Ten Principles, our Sustainability Roadmap and Priorities guides progress along our journey as we deliver on our sustainability commitments.

By intensifying our efforts to address climate challenges, WSaS is enabling logistics decarbonisation by working towards carbon neutrality, supporting logistics transitional solutions as well as maintaining our ongoing focus on energy efficiency. We connect the world, fostering inclusive trade by securing organic growth and generating value among the local economies and societies that we serve. Addressing social challenges is at the heart of WSaS’s business, as we maintain our unwavering focus on people and on related social issues around human rights, diversity and inclusion.

Sustainability Report

WSaS issues an annual Sustainability Report to report on our activities and capture progress on WSaS’s sustainability journey on our Sustainability Priorities. We share data using the GRI standards for sustainability reporting as evidence for our social and environmental performance. In addition to the GRI Standards, WSaS’s Sustainability Report also adheres to the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights Global Reporting Framework.

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