Bullion Van Service

This is an intelligence unit strictly charge with the responsibility of transporting money and precious minerals from one location to the other under heavy security escort at the request of clients who need such services. This unit is into cash van service with an elaborate communication and monitoring network. 24hour central monitoring station ensures quick response to emergencies. Clients in this category are mostly banking and financial institutions and precious mineral marketing companies. Do not hesitate to contact us now for first class escort delivery.

Secure Delivery Services For Your Consignments

Our company is dedicated to the goal of providing expert Security and Courier services at affordable prices to build lasting customer relationships for years to come.
We work tirelessly to exceed expectations on each service and we guarantee we will work to beat yours too. Our team has many years of experience in Security and Courier services and is committed to providing you the best security experience possible.
We reinvented the safe keeping process to deliver you top-grade customer experience at low prices. Our commitment to price transparency is beyond comparison. You will get exactly what you want, without overpaying a single penny.

Tracking of Consignment
Because of our specialty as far as safe Vault Keeping and delivering systems are concerned, you can be rest assured of a proper tracking system from this website. We deliver at your door step safely. We value our customers and love to keep them updated concerning the details of their delivery. This is done safely and securely without any third party involvement. With access to a particular delivery reference code, you can refer to the details of your delivery and track it as well.

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